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There is an energy in all things, even a stone, and if you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably curious, looking for information about it or totally aware of teh fact and just want to see how someone else approaches it.

Energy Awareness is a class I used to facilitate. The participants were across the board from fully aware, but unable to verify, to completely rigid, ready to debunk. They all came away with the gift of seeing and believing, able to demonstrate and use their skills in a holistic manner for themselves and others.

The pages indexed at the right contain bits and pieces of the history, mystery, and lore generally associated with the ethereal elements of teh materials I use and/or invoke in my artwork.

The format, just pieces and tidbits drawn from my essence and search, hopefully interesting and even a little informing as will allow within this format.

I don’t teach anymore, but if you curious, want to see auras and find out how to work with teh ethereal energies, your desire and openness will lead you to a teacher. One caution! No one is better or more than you, so don’t give your power away, and always question adn confirm for yourself.

Blessings, in Love and Light.

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