Gratitude 2009

A whole post and now I’m changing my mind and starting over! LOL

It was an amazing year in hindsight. I never did reach any monetary goals, but grew in some wonderous ways, and this post is about acknowledgement where I can.

  • Got my website moved to a new host and terminated all affiliation with my big mistake of 2008, and with help cleared up the debt from that mistake too.
  • Found @ArtCareereDeva on Twitter and was introduced to her marvelous development programs for artists through smARTist®
  • Developed a Business Plan. Not just any business plan but a “Right Brain Business Plan” from ArtiZen® Coaching offered in conjunction with  smARTist®
  • During a desperate moment later in the year realized I had “people” after all and signed up for the smARTist® 2009 Telesummit. Great info and presenters, and hope to connect with some of them more in the future, and a Home Study Mentoring program, which is still in the works.
  • Found and have started reconnecting with an artist friend from the past, Susan Plum. Her website seems down, but she’s on Facebook.
  • Seemingly got over my writer’s block too.

That’s the tangibles I feel good about, and here’s a few the intangibles I feel I’ve gained this past year.

  • Confidence.
  • Patience ~ One step at a time, with my art and with my web presence.
  • Lots of family time and love, as we all grow older, making the time more precious.
  • Reconnection with my sensitive, psychic self, honoring and using my intuition again. Oh, and found out psychic has been replaced with intuitive now.

There’s more I know, but these are the ones that stand out and feel important to me as I look back over my last year. And now it’s time to move on into the rest of winter with the planning and development for 2010!

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