Dark and Gloomy

It’s been dark and gloomy, cool and mostly overcast for a few days. I’m not ready for the inward turn of winter energy. I’m wanting some harvest from months of hard work, learning and doing things about which I knew little. I yearn for my studio, the smell of wood, and the emergent faces. My thoughts are scattered and my temper is cranky. This inward turn of energy struggles with my outward push toward goals, and my body, my psyche are fighting within. I am a moon child and need the sun’s light to keep me bright.

It’s cold and it’s hazy
That makes me lazy
When it’s dark and dank
It turns me into a crank
The energy is turning
And I’m still yearning
My mind is churning
Altars and art
Loom in my gloom
Yet there is no room
To let that bloom
I’m too hazy
And that makes me crazy
Bring me my broom
So I can loom
Sweep out the haze
Navigate the maze
Then plan for brighter days


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