Elementals Along My Path

Through the woods

Along the stream

You become part of my dream.

You call,

You glimmer,

Or project into my space,

Blessing me with your presence and grace.

And I see what in time could be

the essence of your being brought forth to see.

Sometimes a fairy,

Sometimes a gnome,

Sometimes a house for you to call home.

I am here for you to use

to bring you for forth for all to peruse.

I saw you there in the mirror of time,

Essence pure and so sublime.

I know you would

If I but could

Present this moment.

I saw you there among the brambles,

Knotted twists, and curls,

Just right to form your face and furls.

I bring my talents to show your face.

I carve your essence pure and grace

Then dress and furl

And bring to light

The ethereal you,

You showed me at first sight.

I did your bidding to show your face

Then added jingle and gleam

To bedazzle as you deemed.

Blessed be to those who see what lies within you and me.


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