Economic Crisis

Christmas just past somehow felt extra special with very little shopping and lots of making, (which is what I like best anyway), and the thinking about each person on my list and the giving was a bigger joy. Reflecting on these emotions at the time, I felt it was a sign-of-the-times as evidenced by the recent election and somehow a cosmic gift of the Economic Crisis. We wanted/needed change and the crisis was given to make sure we did and stayed on path.

A dear friend of mine and I have lived in economic crisis for many years now, so the nationwide/worldwide crisis is nothing new to get used to for us. I do empathize with all those new to the situation and fully understand how stressful it can be, but all is not lost and fear is the enemy. We learned to rely on and support each other. The gifts we’ve received are examining values, reorganizing priorities, and finding new ways of thinking about spending. And right now it affects everyone to some degree, so I also see it as a gift because we are all in it together.

It’s a new year now with the biggest shock and awe behind us. Things are going to change ultimately for the better. Maybe not quite the way we each want or as fast as we would like, but every time I stretch myself beyond the next several months I feel excitement and anticipation. So I’m celebrating the arrival of 2009 by making resolutions for what I want to bring into to my life instead of what I want to give up.


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