Ethereal Spirits

Have you ever wished to see an ethereal being, a nature spirit, an elemental?

I’d bet you already have and just didn’t realize it. That shadow or dark flicker just at the edge of vision that’s gone when you turn to see what it is, or those flickers of light just off on the horizon, but then, usually a breeze distracts you, and they’re gone too.

Sometimes, when you’re especially sensitive, empathic, and willing, you can see them outright, but usually just for a moment before the shadow veil (that ephemeral curtain between reality and the ether) drops and you’re separated again. It takes faith not reason, openness and acceptance to hold the veil open and see them for longer periods of time.

I try to bring this vision into a form of reality with my artwork, by carving the faces and forms I see in natures refuse. It is my passion, my bliss, my way of sharing the oneness of all with others.

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